PT-338 cat toys, cat climbing frame

NO. pt-338 Size 50*35*138cm
Color Beige, light gray, dark gray, light brown, dark brown, wine red, pink, blue, black

cat toys, cat climbing frame, funny cat scratching board, cat tree, cat litter 38, pet supplies

Model: BT8138

Material: high-grade plush, natural high-quality cotton and hemp rope (natural cotton and hemp rope, unbleached, healthy), high-quality environmentally friendly high-density board

Color: beige, pink, blue, coffee, light gray, burgundy, black, dark brown, dark gray

Overall size: length 50.0cm width 35.0cm height 138.0cm (after assembly)

Base size: length 50.0cm width 35.0cm

Cat litter size: diameter 30.0cm height 28.0cm

Packing size: length 51.5cm width 37.0cm height 19.5cm (carton separately packaged)

Weight: 8.8kg

Quality Commitment

1. The board used for the cat climbing frame is a carefully selected high-quality environmentally friendly board, 100% hand-made, it is absolutely fine in terms of bearing capacity and firmness, and the quality is guaranteed;

2. The flannel used is high-grade lamb wool or plush made of wool without any chemical stimulation. The wool is bright and smooth in color, full of elasticity, and easy to clean;

3. The natural high-quality cotton and hemp rope is wound on the column. Cats especially like to sharpen their claws on the column wrapped with this sisal rope. After the cat is used to the white-brown rope column, it will be easy for your sofa, table, chair, bed, etc. no longer interested;

4. The package is equipped with all the accessories, tools, installation reference diagrams, qualification certificates, etc. required for installation. The installation is extremely simple and convenient.


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